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Earthquakes & Safety Instructions

Dubai Seismic Network

    Dubai Municipality established a broadband seismological network in Dubai Emirate, United Arab Emirates (UAE), since June 2006. The main center is located in Survey Department, Dubai Municipality main office (Figure 1). The network consists of 4 remote seismic stations (Figure 2) that observe local and regional seismic activity that may have an affect on Dubai city. Each station consists of a 6-channel high resolution, Internet Provider (IP) aware digitizer (Q330), a broad-band seismometer (STS-2) and a force balance accelerometer (ES-T). A hybrid communication link is used for data transmission which consists of spread spectrum Ethernet Radios and digital lease lines as well as an end-user provided internet access for real-time data exchange (Figure 3). Figure 4 shows the general view of one of the remote seismic stations. ANTELOPE software is used for data acquisition and analysis. The network is completely based on TCP/IP communication which allows reliable data acquisition and control communication back to the remote sites. The system exchange real time data with the neighboring networks in the Gulf region, which increase the scope of the network.

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