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Earthquakes & Safety Instructions

Seismicity of United Arab Emirates

Historical and Instrumental :

     The local seismic activity of UAE is very low. Historically there were no reports or indication of any destructive earthquake in the country. Figures 1 shows the historical seismicity in and around UAE from 1899-1963 published by Ambraseyes et al., 1994. Figure 2 shows the seismicity from 1964-1973 published by ISC. Most of the events located in southern part of Iran along the plate boundary. Figure 3 shows the seismicity from 1973-2006 published data by USGS, only one earthquake located in northern UAE in Masafi with magnitude ~5.

     The local and regional seismic activity located by Dubai seismic network during different periods since June 2006 are shown in Figure 4 Figure 5 Figure 6.

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